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“Having the opportunity to do this observer-ship and be part of this great AAOS program in shoulder surgery in Romania is very important for me. There no better way to learn, then observing the masters at work in their own environment.

I spent with Dr Stetson one wonderful week and I was deeply impressed both by the extraordinarily high level of professional expertise but also by the incredible infrastructure  and level of organisation he has. It is a perfect example of good medical knowledge and hard work. I learned new techniques or refined other that I already knew. I expanded my knowledge in the field of shoulder surgery trying to accumulate as much information I could. I sincerely hope to use as much of what I learned, in my home country , and also pass the knowledge further  to other interested colleagues."

-Dr. Mihai Roman (Senior surgeon, Orthpaedic and Trauma Department of the Clinical County Sibiu, Romania)



"With the help of the equipment donated by Dr. Stetson and Operation Arthroscopy, I am now able to perform shoulder arthroscopy in my hospital and provide much needed medical care to my patients.  Thank you Operation Arthroscopy!"

-Dr. Fernando Contreras of San Juan de Dios Hospital (San Jose, Costa Rica)



"Dear Sir,

July 22nd is the 1-year celebration of my first shoulder scope in Vietnam. I have done 50 cases, and archived some good results. I would like to share with you the happiness of my success, and extend my gratefulness to you for your spiritual and opportunity support given to me for a long time.

We had the opportunity to visit your hospital and spend a short time observing your scope surgery cases in the OR, and you brought me interesting tips for Bankart and rotator cuff suture techniques, and especially donated a Dyonics shaver console and blades very valuable to my practice back home. Thanks to your help, I have been busy to set up shoulder arthroscopy in my hospital and I am the first surgeon to do shoulder scope in Vietnam, and have done 9 cases of ASAD, Bankart repair, SLAP and mini-open rotator cuff repair from July, 22nd."

Yours Sincerely, Anh Ngyuen, MD – Vietnam


Recently, Dr. Anh Nguyen visited Dr. Stetson from Vietnam in order to observe his techniques and receive some training

Dr. Stetson donated arthroscopy equipment to Dr. Anh to take back to Vietnam

"Spending time with colleagues in Cuba was a unique exchange both culturally and academically.  Because of the lack of contact between American and Cuban surgeons, little is heard in the United States about orthopedics in Cuba, but the quality of orthopedic practice in Cuba has been high for decades.  The interaction with our Cuban colleagues was very welcoming, as well as inspiring."

- Michael Pollack, MD

"It was enlightening to interact with the Cuban surgeons and to experience the Cuban culture.  Mostly though, I was inspired by the lasting relationships that Dr. Stetson has fostered with our Cuban colleagues.  I certainly hope to join the trip again."

- Eric Millstein, MD

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