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Operation Arthroscopy has traveled to Kenya twice, once in 2010 and also in 2011.

Kenya 2010:  Dr. Scott Powell of Stetson Powell Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, along with Dr. Richard Gayle and Dr. Guillem Lomax, traveled to Kenya in August 2010 to teach and perform arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder at the Mater Hospital in Nairobi with Dr. Samuel Owinga. The trip established a new port of call for Operation Arthroscopy to develop a center of arthroscopy in East Africa to include Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, and Kenya.  Dr. John Murithi, CEO of the Mater Hospital, committed hospital resources to provide care for patients who cannot pay for care. Dr. Owinga works with the visiting physicians of Operation Arthroscopy to screen patients from the neighboring countries and perform surgery.  

Dr. Powell’s first patient was a victim of the tribal violence in Somalia. While working for the United Nations, he was caught in a cross-fire, sustained a gunshot to his abdomen and fell to the ground, dislocating his shoulder.  While he recovered from his gunshot wound, his shoulder continued to dislocate.  Dr. Owinga and Dr. Powell performed an arthroscopic Bankart and SLAP repair to stabilize the shoulder. Donations of equipment and implants were made by Arthrex, Arthrocare, Smith and Nephew, Providence St. Joseph’s Hospital, and the Motion Picture Hospital.

Dr. Powell was made an honorary member of the East Africa Arthroscopy Association. Future trips will include Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya, and possibly Uganda.

Kenya Sept 2011:  Dr. Guillem Lomas and Dr Zenia.Cortes traveled to Kenya in 2011 to follow up on the success of the previous year’s successful visit by Dr. Scott Powell and his team of surgeons.  The trip to Nairobi, Kenya was a resounding success.  There were two full days in the operating room with a rotating cadre of about 5 or 6 surgeons with two days of didactics.  The last day’s symposium had about 25 attendees of whom 15 were surgeons. The surgeons travelled from different parts of Kenya and as far as Zimbabwe! Knee and shoulder models were used to give a hands on experience. By the end of the sessions, there was palpable excitement within the group.  The president of the Kenyan Orthopaedic Association, Dr. Fred Ostyeno, spoke and warmly encouraged efforts to establish arthroscopy as a viable technique in East Africa.

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